We Play… in the Sand Pit!

sand pit play

Spring sprang on the weekend (even if the weather around here as temporarily forgotten how to be warm and sunny) and as I crawled out of my cave, outside, into the sunshine for the first time in months, I realised what a dismal state our sand pit was in. Time for some spring sand pit renovations.

First things first, I pulled out the weeds that had popped up over winter and dug over the sand with my big spade. ‘Fluffy’, well dug sand is more enticing and easier for the kids to dig and use.

digging in the sand pit

Next, the big kids and I had a chat about what they wanted to do in the sand pit. Buckets and spades are out at the Pickle Farm, instead there was a request for ‘stuff to make potions with’ and ‘some dinosaurs and animals’.

We had a sort through our sand pit toys and collected some goodies from inside and around the garden to add to the sand pit. We added a plank across one side of the sandpit for ‘cooking’ on. We collected up some stones and a few tree branches to make dinosaur houses on the other side.

sand pit potions

With some tree stumps and an old cable reel next to one side of the sand pit the girl’s set up a shop to sell their various potions and concoctions. On the other side, I found some lumps of wood and some smaller stumps and made a space for the various trucks that live outside.

Our sand pit area is nothing flash. There are no fancy sand pit toys or out door equipment. It is mostly cobbled together from bits and pieces that are laying around the place. There are weeds growing up in the tan bark and we are still waiting for our shade trees to grow.  We have big plans, but they are all on hold until after the renovations are done (like everything else around here) But creating a play space that interests the kids means that they LOVE to go out there and will happily spend the whole day cooking magic potions and making dinosaur houses…. and that’s the important thing!

we play

I am back,  joining with Childhood101’s We Play link up this week. Now I have two weeks of fabulous play ideas to read up on!

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  1. says

    My kids would love your sandpit! It is so big and full of fun things to do. Ours is rather too pokey for the four kids (when only had 2 when we set it up!). Don’t you just love that kids will play for hours in the sandpit. Good wholesome fun. Thanks for sharing yours with us :)

  2. Leah says

    Ahh thanks for the tip on digging over the sandpit – that makes sense, the sandpits do end up looking neglected but I hadn’t put it down to the sand being all compacted.

    What’s funny is, I was planning a sand tray for Opo and then when I was in the backyard last Sunny Sunday I saw/remembered we have a sandpit under the playhouse LOL I think the big digging stuff needs to go and it can be used better for small stuff like dinosaurs and cooking like yours :)

  3. says

    Hope the girls don’t use their potions for evil against their little brothers!

    Still trying to talk Dadda into a sandpit, but I am afraid that by the time I win Princess will be too old to enjoy it :(

  4. says

    We don’t have a sandpit at home (too many wandering cats in the neighbourhood), but I do know that my daughter loves the sandpit at daycare. I know this because she brings half of it home in her shoes each day.

    Your sandpit looks awesome :-)

  5. says

    What a great natural play space! We have a sand pit, but it’s only sand in a clam shell for the moment. Unfortunately, we don’t have enough space for making it bigger. Nevertheless, the kids still love playing in it.

  6. says

    aww, that’s what my sis and I did growing up.. made all sorts of potions and concotions outside! Looks like a fun place to play.