Easy Art for Kids – Painting On Wood.

You know how we are doing that crazy renovating thing right? Well there is a lot of scraps and off cuts of wood lying around the Pickle Farm at the moment. We had lots of fun creating sculptures and building things with the wood scraps and glue guns, and we’ve had fun with the wood scraps with play dough and as loose parts to build with, but we still have haps of bits of wood lying around.

What to do with all those lovely boards??
Paint on them of course!

easy art for kids - painting on wood

We got out our water colour paints, collected some nice flat boards and painted and painted and painted!
Sometimes it is the simple things that are the most engaging and give the best results.

easy art for kids - painting on wood

The painted boards looked so pretty that we’ve kept some to use with our wooden blocks.

So if you happen to be building something, or wandering past a building site, take a look around and see if they have any wood scraps that you could paint on!

In other news…. I am moving web hosts over the next few days, so if things go a bit wonky around here don’t panic, all will be ok soon (I hope.) In the meantime you can always find updates and crazy kid questions over on my facebook page.

Joining in with the It’s Play Time link up at Let the Children Play! And also linking up to Nurture Store’s Play Academy.

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  1. says

    Such a great idea, i’ve done this before with off cuts, even if the art isn’t worth of keeping, it sure keeps them busy!! When my 4 were little i’d also give them a bucket of water with food colouring in it, a paint brush & say “off you & paint the fence/ bricks/ windows” & it kept them entertained for hours!! Love Posie

  2. says

    new follower- I like your blog so much I put it on my home page! from the play hop- Kelli
    (now I know what to do with that stack of wood in the garage I just knew I’d have a need for!) :)

  3. Nancy says

    This is a great idea. I had several large cardboard cylinders that someone had given me set out in the block area. One day a child brought them to the art area when we were using paint.The idea caught on and soon all the cylinders were painted. It’s great to have those painted cylinders in the block area.
    I had also had a parent cut me some round three quaeter inch thick pieces of wood to use for making necklaces. These were out on my desk for use later in the week. A child spotted them and took them to the block area. Soon they were rolling them down a plank, taking turns to see which one rolled the furthest. If we are open as teachers to our plans changing, by the children’s explorations we can be pleasantly srprised that the learning results may be richer than we ever intended from the original project idea.


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