Easy Art for Kids – Painting on Foil

easy art for kids foil painting
We haven’t had our painting easel out for a long time. It takes up a lot of space, and we don’t have much of that at the moment. But Morgan was keen to do ‘something special’… ‘not just boring old painting’ so I dragged the easel in and surprised him by setting up something really special!

easy art for kids painting on foil

Ok, so it’s not that special, just some regular old aluminium foil to paint on instead of paper. But it’s shiny and shimmery and you can see a very hazy reflection of yourself in the foil while you paint which feels rather magical.

easy art for kids foil painting

The foil is a little delicate and can rip and tear easily which can be frustrating. It is also light and moves around a lot if laid loosely on a flat surface which is also frustrating. So if you don’t have easel to attach your foil to, try taping it to a table or large piece of cardboard for some support.

It also helps to add a small amount of dish washing liquid to your paint mix. Not only will that make cleaning up easier but it also helps the paint to stick to the foil better and not flake off when it dries.

easy art for kids painting on foil

I think I managed to meet his request of something ‘special’!

I love doing art with my kids but I don’t believe that doing art at home needs to be complicated. Check out some more of our easy painting ideas…
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    • katef says

      sometimes it can depend on the type of paint too. I’ve found that powder paints flake a lot, even with some detergent added (though that does help). We use liquitemp and it seems to stay on quite well, even with folding.

  1. Mickey says

    Love this idea! Also for easy clean up put contact paper on your easel. Easy to wipe down or just throw away after a while of using!

  2. says

    These turned out so cute. I love painting on foil in the winter time with blues and whites. It looks so icy and cold. I have never tried the dish washing detergent before though. That’s a good idea.

  3. says

    I love this idea. my baby boy loves to paint and paint and paint… this will help bring something new to the endless painting ;)

  4. says

    This is SPECIAL! H e looks very happy. I wonder if adding glue to paint would help with it not cracking. We just did this at school to adhere paint better ot the foam egg cartons (we made dragons for Chinese New Year) IN that case we did almost 2 parts glue to one part paint. It worked famously. Love your paintings and cant wait to try it. Perhaps I will look for the heavy duty foil, see how that works out for the ripping issues. Awesome idea, thanks.

  5. says

    It would be cool to try a self-portrait on the foil with older “artists”. In the meantime I’ll try getting my little one to put some dots on it. Very fun idea!

  6. says

    Thanks for the dish soap tip! We love painting on foil here, and we use a variety of “paint” every time we do it. Next time, dish soap in the paint it is! What bright colors! Pinned it :)

  7. Laura S. says

    If you sprinkle a little water on the table before putting the foil down the foil will stay in place. I do this when I’m rolling out cookie dough on foil.

  8. jamie says

    I work w 3 yr olds ay a daycare always can use great ideas really dont got much to work w… so if anythin will help….thanks

  9. Miriam says

    What kind of paint do you used por this project? Acrylic? Because I would love to try it with my kids

    • katef says

      We just use regular kids liquid tempera paint… just add a dash of dish washing detergent and it will help the paint stick to the foil.

  10. Shary says

    Great idea. I thought that wrapping the foil over cardboard squares before they paint would maker a nice presentation of the artwork. Also, it might keep it secure while they are painting. I will try this next week.


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