Printable Kids Letter Writing Set

To celebrate my girls’ new, and very grown up, writing desk, I made them some special writing paper and envelopes.

They have had a lovely time writing letters to their friends at school and over the holidays they have plans to write to a few more special people and send ‘real proper letters with a stamp’.

We thought some other beginning writers might like this letter writing set too!

printable kids writing set

The kit contains four printable pdf A4 writing papers with dotted lines (to help with correct letter formation) and a beginning ‘dear’ and ending ‘with love’ in pre-cursive script. As well as four printable pdf envelopes, to cut, fold and stick, ready to send.

printable kids writing paper set 1

You can download the complete set as a zip file here.

With luck, next week I’ll have a slightly less pink writing set to download and print!

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  1. says

    This is gorgeous! I hope my girls are into letter writing when they get older enough to spell something other than their name!! Hehe!! It’s such a beautiful thing to do. Their Pop writes them letters all the time.

  2. says

    Those are sweet. Well done!

    We often write to the kids on Postpals UK, who are living with illness. It’s a very humbling experience for my girls.

  3. sheeba says

    Hi i am new member, i would like to know how to download these sheets? they are superb and i am sure i kids will like.

    • katef says

      Just click on the link in the post above and follow the instructions at the 4shared site to download the zipfile. Once you have it downloaded double click on the file to ‘un zip’ it and you can open each individual pdf to print it. Hope that helps!

  4. says

    That’s actually a really great idea!
    When I was young, letter writing was something I quite enjoyed. It’s a good way of encouraging kids to pick this up again.
    In a world full of digital letters, it’s sometimes nice to be reminded that there is another way. :-)

    • katepickle says

      Just fold in the side tabs and then the top and bottom. You can glue the bottom to the side tabs if you want, or just put a sticker to hold the top and bottom tabs together on top of the side ones.