Things I Know…

I know that my kids have been itching to play in this huge puddle since it stopped raining earlier this week.


mud playI know that getting dirty is lots of fun.


mud playI know that we don’t need a swimming pool


mud playI know that if her career as a zoo keeper doesn’t work out, she could always take up mud wrestling.


I know that rolling up his pants was a total waste of time!


mud playI know that an hour spent playing in a huge muddy puddle was the perfect end to the first week back at school.



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  1. says

    That is awesome Kate. Good for you letting them get right into it. I hate to think of the state of your laundry afterwards.

    • katef says

      luckily, or perhaps unluckily we don’t have a laundry right now.. just a washing machine in the middle of nowhere! But yeah, stinky muddy wet washing! ugh!