Imperfect Mondays and a free Printable Postcard

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Mondays are one of those insane days where I feel like I am constantly running round in circles and dropping all the balls in the process.

It’s a day where I seem to do nothing more than drive back and forth between school and home and kinder and home and school and kinder and home and ballet and home. It’s like some crazy roller-coaster ride and I want to get off, but I can’t.

The more stretched I get the more I yell. The more I yell the more I get stressed. The more I get stressed the more things I screw up.

This morning I had a To Do List a mile long, with a tight deadline. It all started so well, but then it all went to hell in a hand basket…

I burnt a HUGE pot of rice that was to be our dinner. I spilt a cup of water into the basket of clean, dry washing. The big boy tripped over the toys he hadn’t put away and hurt his head and I think the baby may have eaten half a packet of crayons.

Somewhere along the way I lost my mind… I yelled at my boys, and at myself.

Yep, it’s crazy Monday all right, and something has to give.

Today the thing that has to ‘give’ is my blog.

I want to write a fabulous perfectly imperfect post, but it’s just not going to happen.

It is hard for me to walk away from something that I love, something that I had high up on my to do list for today. But I am not perfect, and I can’t do everything. My children need me more than my blog does. My boy needs me to go and do parent duty at kinder and my baby needs me to serve something more nutritious than crayons for lunch

So today’s lesson on being perfectly imperfect is bought to you by fish and chips for dinner and knowing when to cross things off your to do list and just walk away.

But before I go here is a quick perfectly imperfect printable for you. Print out and surprise a friend with one of these postcards. You can download them in a zip file here

perfectly imperfect banner

And if you are having a perfectly imperfect day then why not join me and blog about it like Shae from Yay From Home did… this post is amazing! For more info on my Perfectly Imperfect month and link up check out this post.

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Read the comments or scroll down to add your own:

  1. says

    Actually Kate I think this is a fabulous perfectly imperfect post! A perfect example of how we have to be flexible and imperfect with our plans!

  2. says

    I inadvertently posted about being a bit fail/win as a parent last night! Will enjoy popping the postcard on my blog. Thankyou.

  3. says

    Well it is a great post. It may have not been the post you had wanted but it was a post that showed you accept that you are Imperfectly Perfect.

    And I am sure the kids wont mind the fish and chips either.

    We all have days like you are having. Hope tomorrow is better

  4. cate says

    As the other commenters said- this is perfectly imperfect. And we have an almost identical Monday and will also be indulging in Fish and Chips for dinner, and for my sanity!

  5. says

    Hi Kate,

    Here’s hoping that after writing this post, and spilling your guts to us all, you feel a bit more calm and ready for whatever the afternoon brings :)

    I love that you are Perfectly Imperfect – otherwise your words probably wouldn’t resonate with so many of us out here in the Blogosphere!


  6. says

    I think this is an fantastic perfectly imperfect post!

    My day was like that yesterday, every thing that could go wrong did…

    Hope your Tuesday is 100 times better!

  7. says

    What a great idea! Love it! I’m going to look into your blog now :D.

    Hope you’re having a fun weekend!