Working With Wood.

We’ve painted on wood, and made wood constructions with hot glue, but we still have loads of wood scraps hanging around, thanks to our never ending renovations.

One thing we’ve not done much of is traditional hammer and nails wood work, but when The Father Figure discovered a couple of old, small, hammers and put new handles on them… well we had to try them out!

Woodworking with kids - tips for starting a nail for kids

Starting a nail isn’t easy, even for bigger hands, and there were one or two banged fingers and a bit of frustration but luckily no major injuries.

wood work for kids

To make holding the nail a bit easier, and safer I drilled holes into some plastic bottle caps. Now the kids can pop the nail through the hole and hold the plastic lid, keeping their fingers away from the hammer.

Just make sure the hole in the bottle cap is big enough to fit the head of the nail through, or you can just add the bottle cap as part of your construction!

You can also use a clothes peg to hold on to bigger nails while you hammer them in.

kids woodwork

And to finish it off I broke out a new packet of markers…. my kids love new markers almost as much as I do!

wood work with kids

Have you ever done wood work with your kids?
Got any good tips for us?

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    I have done a lot of woodwork with youg children, 3-7years old. We have made so many things based on their imaginations from small wooden animals to swords and shields to abstract things that only the children can identify what they supposedly are. One great discovery that I have made good use of for 15 years or more is the file. We have files and rasps of all shaped and roughnesses and it is truly amazing what can be done with files. And they are pretty safe too!!!