Easy Art For Kids – Drawing on Foil

foil drawing

It’s been about a year since we first painted on foil here at the Pickle Farm and the big kids request this activity over and over they love it so much. But sometimes painting is just too much… not to mention the fact that we have no space to dry the copious amounts of paintings that are produced. So after yet another request to paint on foil I came up with a compromise that is almost as good…

Drawing on Foil!

You need…

foil drawing

Aluminum foil
permanent markers such as Sharpies.
A sheet of card or paper
Something to protect the table.

You do…

Wrap the foil careful around the paper or card, trying not to make too many wrinkles. This gives the foil a little more strength and makes it easier for everyone to handle.

Cover the table in plastic or newspaper just in case the drawings go astray and wear old clothes or a smock, because these pens don’t wash off anything. (I learned that the hard way!)

Then let loose and draw!

foil drawing

This was one of those spare of the moment activities that turned out to be easy and really cool. All of my big kids made heaps of drawings and worked for a long time on each one as they liked the way it looked when you filled the whole page with colour.

foil drawing

foil drawing

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Read the comments or scroll down to add your own:

  1. Jennifer says


    My kids love those markers too, and I have successfully gotten them out of clothing with lemon essential oil (that will actually even take them off a photograph without ruining the photograph and other hard surfaces) and then I put paper towel under the stain and pour rubbing alcohol (impt to put the paper under, or the ink will bleed through to the other side), then I put stain spray and launder. These just came out of my son’s church shirt doing that this morning. Just in case those markers stray :).

    • katef says

      Oh thanks for the tip!

      I managed to get it off our table top with eucalyptus oil but that didn’t work so well on the toddlers top! Off to try your suggestions!

  2. says

    Doing this tomorrow. There is nothing better than drawing with my Sharpies according to my son and to draw on foil- can’t get much better than that. I want to try it too… :) He is gonna be so excited! Thanks for the inspiration.

  3. says

    We have never done this! That will change tonight thanks to your post! :). I cant wait or RLW! my weekly post is up and ready or judgement. haha! :)

    the markers look super vibrant..i think i will try paint first bcause they have been wanting to do that….but we will try some vivid markers, too!

  4. Jen says

    Gorgeous pictures! I love how they all have their own individual style. Your kids have certainly inherited your talent for colour and design.

  5. Jennifer says

    So, Kate, did it work on your stain? I would love to know. My son just had 2 small spots but they did come out. I hope your’s did too!

  6. says

    Oh, thank you for this idea. It is very timely.
    My daughter has very recently starting resisting any art activity- but she loves free drawing. A
    I spotted a pack of coloured Sharpies in the variety store the other day. Must head back there and buy a pack.

  7. says

    Kate, I’ve never even thought of drawing on a different type of material. This is great! I love how the drawings turned out too. So bright and vibrant.

  8. says

    Now this is the type of activity we like at our place! Painting and drawing are 2 of the most common activites here so we’re always looking for and trying out new and different ways to do this. We’ve painted *with* foil but not even on it… and haven’t done drawing on it either, which turned out really cool by the way! Shall have to get myself a set of those sharpies. A similar activity we did that your kids might like is drawing (and printing) with highlighters on bubble wrap. Thanks for sharing :)

  9. says

    I have a memory of drawing on foil in art class in kindergarten. I’ve always thought there were some sort of special markers that we used and was just searching for them when I found your post. Turns out sharpies work and we have plenty of them! Thanks for this! I’ll be trying it with my daughters soon!