Free Monster Printables for my Scaredy Boy.

“I scared! I scared!!” he says putting his arm over his eyes. It is adorable, the way he says it, the way he covers his eyes, but his thing about monsters and being scared isn’t so adorable when he wakes up in the night crying about them.

We’re not sure where his sudden fear of monsters came from and since he is only two he’s not able to explain any more than ‘Monster! Scared!’ which isn’t very helpful. He’s also a bit young to concentrate or understand the many great children’s stories about conquering monsters, and even too little to grasp the idea of a ‘No Monsters’ sign or spray to help keep them away. So we decided the best way to tackle Noah’s fear was to encourage him to see monsters as fun and playful and that he has control over them…. so we did what we always do here, we made some puppets!


Morgan helped by drawing a backdrop for the puppet play which we stuck on the cupboard. Then I worded up the big kids that they needed to help make a puppet show that showed monsters being funny and cute and doing normal every day things. Noah chose a puppet and joined in the play and had a lovely time. At the end of the story we encouraged him to ‘shoo the monsters away’ and ended with a round of applause when they had all run away.


Later we changed the monkeys to Five Little Monsters Jumping on the Bed and sang the song over and over while Noah ran around the house with the monster puppets.

In the days since the puppets the monster fears seemed to have lessened. He is still concerned about a small hole in the back of one of our arm chairs that he seems to think is a monster, but he is ok with the idea of putting a blanket over it, and he’s still playing with the puppets so I am calling it a success!


If you have your own monster problems, or perhaps you are celebrating Halloween, or maybe you just want to play with these cute monsters…. you can download them here or by clicking the arrow button at the bottom right of the image below, or print them straight from this pay by clicking the printer icon.

And just because these monsters are too cute not to share, I created some printable monster note cards. They’d make fun lunch box notes too! Again download the pdf file here or by clicking the arrow button at the bottom right of the image or print them straight from this page by clicking the printer icon.


Are your children scared of anything? How have you dealt with it?

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  1. says

    Those are freaking adorable! I am so impressed and cannot wait to get some more ink for my printer so I can print them. Wow! Sharing now!!

    • katef says

      If you click on the little printer icon on the bottom right of box frame (there is one for each pdf the puppets and the note cards) then that should open a box in this window that says print/cancel (along with some other options). If you hit print it will open your printer dialogue box and you can change settings etc as needed and print.

      Or you can click on the little arrow button before the printer icon, that will download the pdf file and you should then be able to open it in acrobat and print from there.

      Let me know if you are still having problems and I’ll try my best to sort them out :)

      • E says

        Sorry, it didn’t show up on my iPad.
        But now that I am on my computer I can see them.
        I will save and print these for my son’s birthday!
        They are sooo cute, thanks so much for sharing!

        • katef says

          Oh thanks for letting me know it doesn’t show on the ipad… I never get a turn of ours! LOL

          I will add a direct link in there somewhere as well in case anyone else has problems!


  2. says

    These are great! I really hope that they keep working for your son. We’ve been quite fortunate so far with no big fears, except our middle son was scared of the washing machine when he was little! All resolved by getting him to help me do the washing! Thanks for sharing your printables.

  3. says

    These are terrific! Thanks for the headsup about the PDF I wouldn’t have known and wouldn’t have been able to print. My daughter happened to see them straight away – very eye catching to a preschooler and ‘demanded’ some straight away! I’ll be sharing…

  4. Jodie Moss says

    Tgese are awsomre, we are having some nightmares so have made a dream monster to scare away bad dreams! these ,atch perfectly thanks

  5. says

    These are fantastic! I also have a little boy who scares easily (hates anything in a costume that obstructs view of the head/face, so you can imagine what a challenge Halloween is for us). I haven’t been able to find any friendly monsters – till now. Thanks so much for sharing these!

  6. says

    Thanks so much for posting these. These are way awesome! I love the Monsters jumping on the bed idea. So many ideas are running through my head of how to use these. Thanks for the inspiration!

  7. says

    Thank you so much for posting these for print/download. These little guys are too cute! I’m so happy your son was able to conquer his monster fear, it sounds like he has a lot of fun with them now!

  8. Gingerbread Grammy says

    I LOVE these! I am 67 and a multimedia artisit, and I plan to string these up in my studio! They make me smile with delight! thank you!

  9. AnnLouise says

    I just love these monsters! And your site. I’m a children’s librarian, thank you for the great tot time ideas

  10. says

    These are perfect! I have one scaredy boy and he’s influencing his little brother. AAHH! I don’t need two of them being scared of ‘the monsters’. Fingers crossed these help. But if they don’t I’m going to print them for me!!

  11. crysta says

    My little man loved these so much we’re doing his 2nd birthday as a Monster theme. Is there any way to print these bigger?

    • katef says

      I’m sorry Crysta, there isn’t a way to print these bigger without loosing print quality. If you have a graphics program you could try enlarging them slightly and them using a sharpen filter, but it won’t give you a perfect image and the larger you make them the fuzzier they’ll become.

  12. Yana says

    Thanx for the wonderful monsters. We are doing a little monster themed party and I used your monsters for the banner and the cupcake stands. I also converted the cute cards into thank you cards. They are awesome!

  13. Melanie says

    I’d love to know if you’ve got these without any colour. I’d love to have my little monkeys personalise their monsters.

  14. says

    Hey Kate, I have actually been following you through Planning Queen. Your printables are terrific! How do you create these printables? Anyway, I love the lunchbox printables and now I am preparing for my boy’s 6th bday party tomorrow, I decided to print these monsters for the kids to play. I am a last minute mum.. I bet the kids will love them. A big thank you for your kind free printables :)

    • katef says

      I hope the party is a success, I am totally a last minute Mum too! LOL

      I hand draw almost all of my printables, then use illustrator and photoshop to convert them to a digital version ready for a pdf. :)

  15. Jennifer says

    Hi, we are doing a monster theme party for my one year old on may 5, 2013. Do you have a free printable of these monster to make cupcake toppers? Thanks.

    • katef says

      I’m sorry I only have the puppets and the note cards as printables at this stage. Though if you shrunk the puppets down a little when you print them (you should be able to do that in printer settings with acrobat reader) they might work as cup cake toppers?

  16. Kate says

    I just stumbled upon your website last night and I have fallen in love!!!!!!
    Thank you

  17. Deedee says

    Is the offer for the free printables gone? I don’t see them on the page any longer. I’m on an ipad, so maybe that’s the issue… Thanks for sharing!

    • katepickle says

      The way the printables were embedded back when these were made doesn’t work for ipad/iphone but I’ve updated the post with direct links in the text now… let me know if you have any problems with them.

  18. Jennifer says

    I am having a hard time downloading the monster notecards, I have used these all over my preschool classroom and I lover them! I had a thought to use them as a part of my schedule but need to make them a little bigger. It tells me I can not download because I need to log in…help!!

    • katepickle says

      I’m sorry you are having problems downloading the file. I have checked and had someone else check and can’t replicate the problem. Both the direct text link and the little download arrow on the preview seem to be working fine (though you won’t see the preview image if you are using an iphone or ipad). You can also click on the little printer icon at the bottom of the preview boxes and print them directly from this page – no ‘downloading’ or opening of the pdf required.

      Unfortunately you can’t enlarge the monsters without losing print quality.

  19. Juli says

    Do you happen to have these little monsters as images on their own? They would be perfect to have printed on canvas for my little guy’s monster themed room. Just the right amount of scary and cute. Love them

  20. Tina says

    Thank you!!!! These will come to good use for my son’s monster party. This is the first site I found where not only are the printables great quality, free, and actually easy to print out.

  21. Lindsey says

    I love these! I’ve been looking for some cute note cards because I write notes back and forth with my 6th graders. They will LOVE these!!

  22. Sharon says

    loved these little monsters–especially since i have 5 grandchildren! i am going to make stick puppets of each child’s picture and use it with this rhyme:

    Five little monsters who had never seen a child…
    — came walking in and one went wild!
    Four little monsters who had never seen a child…
    — came walking in and another one went wild!
    Three little monsters who had never seen a child…
    — came walking in and another one went wild!
    Two little monsters who had never seen a child…
    — came walking in and another one went wild!
    One little monster who had never seen a child…
    — came walking in and the last one went wild!
    Poor little monsters—all as scared as they could be…
    Then the children smiled and there were 10 friends to see!

    thanks so much for your generosity and inspiration!

  23. Teri says

    I have a pre-K class and we just love monsters, especially the Ed Emberly books. Thank you for cute monsters that are not scary.

  24. Ashlee Hewitt says

    Thought of a little song….

    Five scary/grumpy/noisey monsters stomping along
    One got tickled (tickle a child)
    Now he’s gone
    Four scary…… and so on