Finger Leg Puppets

finger leg puppets

For the month of February my new school boy has had Wednesdays off. It has been lovely to have this extra day with my boy, and he has appreciated the breather mid week as he adjusts to starting school. Last week was his last Wednesday off, and he wanted to do something special… so for a bit of easy fun we made finger leg puppets.

No, not finger puppets, finger leg puppets!

These are super easy to make, just draw a picture – a persona, an animal, a monster, an alien… whatever you like but make sure to leave two round circles where the legs should be. Once you are done drawing, cut around your picture and cut out the circles. Slip your fingers into the holes and there you have it… a puppet with finger legs!

drawing finger leg puppets

At first we have a little difficulty figuring out where the legs would go on our end products so I made up some simple templates with grey circles to indicate where the holes would end up and that made things a lot easier.

Finger Leg Puppets - free printable template

You can download the finger leg puppet template here.

monster finger leg  puppets

Aliens were the characters of choice for my big boy. And not only did he have fun making them, he had lots of fun creating stories with them and putting on puppet shows all afternoon.

What sort of creatures would you make for your finger leg puppets?

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  1. Melissa says

    What a fabulous project, our new school boy would love to do some tomorrow on his day off – we still have 2 more Wednesdays off.
    Thank you for sharing

  2. says

    I used to love making these when I was little. We used to do all kinds of crazy puppet shows for my parents too. Those are some fab aliens :) We used to add moustaches and crazy hair too. So much fun :)

    Loving all your new little printables Kate :)

  3. Fleur says

    Thank you Kate for sharing this great idea. I am going to use it as inspiration for my son to write stories. He will make up 4 character puppets and then design an adventure story around those. See how we go..


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