Rules for Kids

What rules would you make your your kids? Here are some I came up with in a handy dandy printable poster!
We don’t really have a general list rules for our kids. I guess we just expect them to be kind and the rest kinda flows from there.

But the other day, after reminding them of limit, after limit, after limit, I wondered if I should just write up a list of rules and post it on the fridge for all to see… then perhaps I would stop sounding like a broken record! I could stop asking them to speak nicely, to not climb on the furniture, to not hit or bite (talking about the toddler here), or whine, or leave stuff everywhere…

Then I stopped for a moment and thought about the kinds of rules I would make for my kids.

What do I really want them to do?

How do I really want them to behave?

What ideals are really important for our family?

I could write up a list of things I wanted them to do or not do, but really, I want my children to be more than just obedient. So I did make a list of rules for our fridge end, just not the kind of rules I started out with!

What rules would you make for your kids?
You can download the above image as an A4 pdf file here or click on the image.

What ‘rules’ would you make for your kids?

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  1. says

    These are just my kind of rules. I Imagine that if I wrote my own they wouldn’t be all that different so thanks for doing the work for me :)

  2. Erica says

    Love these… but I still would totally have included “listen to mum/dad” and “respect one another”

    • katef says

      I wondered about adding something about respect… or maybe compassion, but in the end I went with kindness as I hoped that covered most things :)

      Maybe I should make a new version with everyone’s suggestions!?!

      • Carie says

        Gorgeous colors and it makes the “rules” sound less “rulesy” and just like things everyone should do. (does that make sense?) I have 2 boys, how could I change the colors to more boyish colors?
        thank you for sharing!!

  3. says

    Kate, this is lovely!! Thank you so much for sharing. I already have the perfect frame for this too :) I’ll send you a pic when I find a place to have it printed

  4. Wendy says

    After reading this I stopped and thought for a moment, we could all live by these rules. That might be a good thing.

  5. says

    Hi Kate, these are awesome. At Afters we always struggle with making rules with the kids, and like you I don’t want a list of dont’s, and I don’t want the kids to parrot the things they think I want to hear .. I am going to use this poster as a bit of a springboard into discussion with the kids about what our rules for Afters are going to be! I’ll let you know how I go!

  6. says

    What a beautiful list of rules! I just finished printing an placing in a frame. I hung it above the toilet in my daughter’s bathroom (where it will get plenty of viewing time :-) Thank you for your kindness in sharing this awesome printable!!!

  7. Rebecca says

    Thank you for sharing this and putting together such wonderful words. I popped it in a cheap bright blue frame and put it up in my 5yo daughter’s room and she asks me to read it every other night : )

  8. says

    Well, I am finding myself led to your site quite often through searches (robots +,) or through social media. I am really enjoying your blog. Guess I I’ll have to sign up for your e-mails and follow you :). I really like your “rules” and the style of your printable is wonderful. Pinning. Thanks. ~ Sheila

  9. Makaila says

    Love this, thank you!! I thought id mention a typo I noticed in case you wanted to update it.. \”Even when you think you CAN.\” Thinking you meant CanT?

    • katepickle says

      Oh you had me panicked for a moment about the typo! But it actually reads ‘do hard things – even if you DON’T think you can. :)


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