When do I stop calling him a toddler?

How much longer can I call him a toddler?

He still has cute little toddler speech, but he’s drawing the cutest people ever.

He still has mega meltdowns, but he’s beginning to yell understandable words at us in between the screaming and sobbing.

He sleeps in his own big bed, but he still appears in my bed sometime in the early hours of every morning.

He gets himself dressed, but he still wears size two pants.

He’s three now… and in my mind being three makes you a preschooler.

But he won’t start kinder/preschool till next year, so surely that means he is still a toddler?

I always hated how my mother referred to me as her ‘baby’ even when I was at school! I will NEVER do that to my kids, ever.

But secretly he is still my baby… and always will be. It’s just publicly that I will refer to him as a toddler… or a preschooler… or a post-toddler?

How can be he oh so grown up and yet still so very little?

What do you think?
When does a toddler officially become a preschooler?

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  1. says

    Look at that big grin! He’s still a toddler. :)

    At least, my Elli is 3&1/2 now, and I still think of her as moreorless a toddler. She won’t start preschool till 2015, so I think that’s just confusing. :)

    When my first baby was nearly one, I claimed I could still call him a baby until he could walk properly – more walking than crawling. And getting straight up off the ground without having to pull or push himself up on something. One week past his birthday, both those milestones occurred, and I was forced to admit defeat.

    But, by that standard I got to keep calling Elli a baby for a few extra months, so I’m sure she can still be a toddler for a while too? So that must mean Noah can be too. :)

    • katepickle says

      I always went by size with my first two… being twins and being prem they were tiny for a loooong long time and therefore still babies! Then I had a giant baby and that theory went out the window! LOL

  2. says

    I was thinking this the other day too. They don’t ‘toddle’ any more but there is still so much making them little. I’ve never been one to mourn ages or milestones as they go by (I enjoy watching him grow older!) but I think they’re still toddlers until they’re actually in pre-school next year/year after depending on when in the year/what state.

    • katepickle says

      I’m going with your rule…
      Strangely, given he is my last, I am not wishing he wasn’t growing up as I am quite enjoying the small person he is turning into… I just feel like a fraud if I refer to him as a ‘toddler’ or like I am selling the poor kid short all the time. Yet he really is still a toddler… and my baby…. always.

  3. says

    I say hold onto the toddler title for a little longer. They’re only little once and the longer I can stretch all the cute titles the better!

  4. Natalie says

    My ‘toddler’ girl turns three on sunday. As she is totally the same as yours she continually says ‘me do it all by myself’. I’m sticking with the toddler label till she learns how to pronounce words and recite sentences correctly. Which can take it time as far as I’m concerned!

  5. Jane says

    My 12 nearly 13 yr old son is still my baby boy. I tell him he will always be that as I have no other son to take his place. He actually doesn’t mind YET. I am sure the day will come when he asks me not to call him that at least in front of his friends. For now I enjoy what I can get. Love hugs with my baby boy although he is sprouting so much he will be taller than me in a couple of months.

  6. says

    My eldest is 3 years and 3 months now, and I’ve mentally made the switch from toddler to preschooler. She can control her emotions (most of the time) much better, and she is more capable….

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