Five Currant Buns Free Printable Puppets

I think this is the printable I get the most requests for, so after checking and double checking that it was in fact ‘currant’ not ‘current’ I finally whipped up a batch of currAnt buns for you!

Five Currant Buns - free printable puppets!

And if that wasn’t enough they come with some coins too so you can set up your own little baker’s shop like we did. Though I think my baker is the cutest one around, don’t you?

Five Currant Buns - free printable puppets!

We put out puppets on clothes pegs this time so we could easily get them on and off our ‘shop display’ (aka a cardboard box).

Five Currant Buns - free printable puppets!

We spent all afternoon buying things from our little baker, and singing the song over and over and over.

Five Currant Buns - free printable puppets!

I also co-opted my sick kids to help me sing to this crazy animation we made, just in case you don’t know how the song goes. Please ignore poor singing and any random renovation banging!

Here are the full words that we sing:

Five Currant Buns

Five currant buns in a baker’s shop,
Round and fat with a cherry on the top!
Along came a girl with some money one day,
Bought a currant bun and took it away.

Four currant buns in a baker’s shop…

Three currant buns in a baker’s shop…

Two currant buns in a baker’s shop…

One currant bun in a baker’s shop…

We interchange ‘girl/boy’ with someone’s name so they know when it is their turn to choose a bun and when we get to the end we make a big deal of mixing up and cooking another batch of buns so we can sing it all again!

Five Currant Buns - free printable puppets!

Download your own set of currant buns here and have fun in your own baker’s shop!

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  1. says

    So I know what I’ll be doing when Annie comes home from school later, teaching her this song!
    I love how you included a £ sign too, Annie likes to think she’s Australian but sadly enough we live in England ;-)

  2. Marie says

    Hi, thanks for a lovely resource. Have printed off some of the other puppets too, which will come in very useful at our nursery.

  3. Kate R says

    These are so fantastic. You know, I have just realised that my girls don’t have a cash register. They play shops all the time but they are not so great at the whole trading thing. Most things are given away freely haha! Must get them a register! Can’t wait to try it out with these gorgeous currant buns!

  4. Amber K says

    I used these with my Playschool groups last week. Huge hit with all my groups! Thank you so much for providing the printable :)

  5. Deborah Hoyle says

    I love your song current buns. I had never heard it sung this way. We sing it with donuts. Five children stand up and they are the donuts. They can wear a donut ring made out of poster board around their neck with different colors of donuts drawn on it. Another child is the buyer. The song goes like this
    Five Little Donuts in the donut shop
    Five little donuts in the donut shop,
    sprinkle them with sugar and pat them on the top
    Along comes a boy/girl with a dime to pay,
    He buys one donut and he walks away. ( he has a pretend coin that he gives the seller and chooses a donut Child to go sit with. Then another child gets to do the same until the donuts are gone. The last child buyer. There are no little donuts in the donut shop….the boy comes and he looks and he looks and he walks away. Very similar to your buns song.. I would love to get donut props that could be held if you every have the time or desire to make them. Debra.

  6. Deborah Hoyle says

    Thank you so much for all the great song props. I have been looking and looking for some that I can use with my circle time.. thank you so very much. Debra


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