Pickle What?

Picklebums is like the oddment box at your local fabric shop.

An eclectic jumble of this and that. You never know quite what you are going to get.

Perhaps a couple of activities for kids? Maybe a recipe or three? A bit of rambling about gardening and living sustainably? How about some pondering on parenting? There’s always photos, some crafty stuff, a couple of pickles and a few bums thrown in for good measure.

So dig in.

Rummage around a bit.

You’re sure to pull out a few gems for a bargain price.

Stitch them all together and you get the crazy mixed up story that is our life on the Pickle Farm.

So where are all the pickles?

The Pickle Farm is ten acres of weeds in almost rural Victoria, Australia. We moved here on a whim in 2005 and it was the best crazy idea we’ve ever had.

We grow chickens, veggies, overly amorous ducks, fruit, thistles as high as a horse, and children, but no actual pickles.

‘Picklebum’ is a term of endearment that was coined to describe our gorgeously funny children. When I began blogging in 2005 it seemed like the prefect name and since then the pickle references have grown along with our family.

Who are the Picklebums?


That’s me. Kate in real life and katepickle in many places online. I’m the head Pickel around here.

I am wife to one and mother to four.

In a past life (ie before kids) I taught preschool and discovered a passion for understanding small humans as well as a great outlet for my creative streak…. play dough and finger paint are fun for adults too! These days I am a stay at home Mum and I inflict my creativity on my own kids now.

Some would say I am a wanna-be-hippy, but really I am too mainstream to be hippy… and too hippy to be mainstream. So I guess I’ll just have to be me!

I like cheap Turkish delight. I hate snakes. I sing along to daggy music and I dance when no one is looking.

The Father Figure

For a while I referred to him as ‘Baldy Boy’,affectionately of course, but then I started to feel bad and decided Father Figure was nicer, despite the fact that he is also labelled ‘my oldest child’

He works long crazy rotating shifts that ruin my life, he brings me Turkish Delight and Frozen Coke and loves me… what more could a girl want?

The Twinadoes

The ‘big girls’ at the Pickle Farm are Zoe and Izzy. They are identical twins, and while they were born 11 weeks early and were so small and fragile, you’d never know it to look at them now. These days they are tall and skinny, busy loosing teeth and rolling their eyes at me.

Izzy loves to do ballet, play with Polly Pocket, cuddle the crazy ducks and tell me how unfair life is.

Zoe loves to make up elaborate stories about fairies, read, brush her guinea pig and slam doors and worry herself into oblivion.


No, that is not his real name, I am not the worst mother in the world. The girls named him Muski while he was still in my belly and despite us officially naming him Morgan, Muski has stuck.

Muski likes lego, his boy Barbie called Mint, his sisters (sometimes) and all things green.


‘Number Four’ or ‘Quatro’ is what the everyone dubbed him while they were waiting for us to finally agree on a name. Then we called him Noah and it hasn’t stopped raining since.

Noey likes to break his brother’s lego constructions, eat cheese and speak in an ancient Japanese dialect.

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Sit back and enjoy life on the Pickle Farm!

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  1. says

    Found your blog by accident while using Google images. Took a quick peek at one of your stories and was enchanted by the words you use for stuff. I’m a Texas girl and we Texans are known for mangling English, so your words like “oddment box”. Is that a junk drawer?

    Anyway, I enjoyed it and invite you to check mine out. You’ll get lots of redneck stories.

  2. says

    You have lovely kids. I have a 28 year old and 17 year old boy and girl twins. So much fun. Someone said twins always go together, not mine one goes one way one the other, makes for a very interesting life.

    And I love them all, It’s great to be a mum.
    I enjoyed looking around your blog. Thank you

  3. Sarah Moore says

    Hi Kate,
    Found your blog by accident and am already addicted! I’m a mum of two and in my previous Life was a primary teacher. I’m also a fellow victorian…. I have to tell you the description of your youngest and the cleavage is why I’m writing…. It’s nice to know others have glamourous moments of motherhood too.
    take care and I look forward to reading more.
    Sarah :)

  4. Diane says

    Trying to re-locate some old AB friends – here you are :) Right where you’ve always been :)
    Congratulations on Noah. I’ll be looking around :)

  5. chantal says

    Hi Kate, you are so inspiring. Have you ever considered home-schooling your kids? You would be able to use all of your beautiful creativity ALL the time! You wouldn’t have to wait for holidays to spend lots of time doing crafts. I started home-schooling my boy (6) this year (with the 3 yr. old doing some pre-school stuff and 1 yr. old to follow) and I LOVE it. Anyways, keep doing what you’re doing, and thank you for sharing all your awesome ideas!

  6. says

    Kate! :) It is so nice to meet you! (from KBN) I didn’t know that you had 4 kids!! (beautiful!) As former teachers, we have so much in common- plus the weeds, the 4 kids, the chaos, ha! I’m excited to follow your blog and I would love to learn more about life in almost-rural Australia:).

  7. says

    Hi Kate –

    Love your blog! I’m starting to experiment with Pinterest, which is how I found you. I was told I should start using Pinterest to promote books and other things on my website, but it’s easy to get sidetracked once I start looking around.

    Love the nicknames you gave your kids.

    Australia is one place I’ve always wanted to visit. My husband almost moved there before we met and got married over 30 years ago!

    Will try to visit your site often, now that I’ve found it!


  8. Hamada says

    Thank you for sharing many good article Ms. Kate, very nice and informatif, so I hope Picklebums always share a good storys everyday, Yup Keep it UP

  9. Andrea says

    Found you when searching SLP activities and materials on pinterest and TPT. I live in NYC AND upstate NY (a recent transition) and work with kids part time as speech pathologist. I web surf for ideas for speech tx & diy home projects. One of the unexpected fun results has been crossing (virtual ) paths with people who have such different worlds, and maybe use diy out of sheer necessity. I love to blog hop and yours was a treat so thanks !

  10. Andrea says

    Just came across some great looking crafts on your blog. I had to comment because I have an Izzy too!!! She is “Isabella” but since day one, she has been Izzy. She is 5 now :) Thanks for sharing, I’ll be trying out some of these projects soon!

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