Two Easy Foldable Letters

Fold a piece of paper into an envelope - step by step instructions and a free printable

A great way to entice my reluctant writer is to get him writing letters. We had lots of fun with our post office play (find our free printable post office play set here) and we’ve enjoyed using our printable letter writing set too, but recently we discovered two really easy ways to turn any old […]

Floating Chalk Prints

Floating Chalk Printing - an easy yet magical art activity

“I remember doing this activity in art at school” I told my kids. “My art teacher was really cool, kinda weird, and quirky, and the art room was always a mess, but we did all kinds of cool things like this.” I have such fond memories of that art room at my primary school, back […]

Snow Slope Imaginary Play – following a child’s interests.

Snow Slope Imaginary play - a simple way to follow your child's interests.

It’s cold here at the moment. Everyone is talking about the weather and how cold it has been. Everyone is asking us whether it has snowed at our house. It is a hot topic of conversation and something Noah (aged 5) can’t stop talking about. “Is it cold today? Is there ice outside? Will it […]

Woodworking with Kids

What to include in a wood working set for kids - put together your own set and add some of these unusual items for lots of construction and creativity

I asked my facebook followers for gift suggestions for my turning five year old who already has everything, and they came up with a winning idea – a woodworking set! My smallest child has been watching us renovate our old house his entire life, he loves to help, he loves tools, he has a set […]

Five Fun Family Challenges

Five Fun Family Challenges - games to play to get the whole family moving!

This post is sponsored by Mattel’s Bounce-Off! It’s a dreary afternoon, the rain is pouring down outside and everyone is starting to get a bit cranky… so I issue a family challenge! “Two teams. Five games. The losing team cooks dinner… and cleans up!” We divide into teams, one grown-up and two kids on each […]

Free Printable Comic Book Templates!

Free Printable Comic Book Templates! - get your kids creating, and writing with these great printables

My boys are all about the comic books at the moment. I’m not even sure what started it, the big kids have been reading comics and graphic novels off and on for ages, and the little one loves them for all the cool pictures, but just recently the boys started making their own. Today I […]

Word Drawing

Word Drawing - an easy art and literacy activity for kids

It started out as an easy name activity to keep the four year old entertained and not ‘ruining the big kid’s lives’, but after a few minutes the seven year old asked to join in and within half an hour all four kids were involved and the table was covered with word drawings. All you […]

Water Colours on Wet Paper – Process art for kids

Water Colours on Wet Paper - this is true process art for kids, it is all about exploring and experimenting!

Process art – an activity where the focus is on the doing, not on what you create in the end. When we do process art we don’t have any idea what the finished product will be, and in fact we don’t care much about how things look in the end, because the important part is […]