It’s been a while, so I think I am definitely due for some Gratefuls…

I’m grateful for…

*Vacuum cleaners that suck, and I mean REALLY suck.
*Having the money to buy that very sucky vacuum cleaner, even though it was more than we’d initially wanted to spend.
*The fact that my small boy can wear his great grandmother’s earrings with his Thomas the Tank shirt and still look gorgeous!
* Twitter… the best place for real person reviews and opinions before a purchase.
*Sprouting Seeds
*Having someone that I love and who loves me, no matter what…. and who bribes me with turkish delight and ice cream.
*Almost six year olds who roll their eyes at me, drop ‘bull shit’ into casual conversations and make me laugh, a lot.
*The other almost six year old who is brave, and very wii smart, and who often can’t stop crying even when she is laughing
*A good chat with good people.
*Fikey Frinkles… they are almost as good as led lobots in the lubbish!
*Health and home and family and time.

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Read the comments or scroll down to add your own:

  1. Lanne says

    I am grateful for an online network who have kept me sane this week as I have worked ridiculous hours. I am grateful for the honesty of others and ever so pleased I made it into a chat tonight. Thanks kate for being all three of those things :)

  2. Jann says

    What kind of vacuum do you have that really sucks? I’m always on the lookout for the perfect vacuum!

  3. Nic says

    Yeah the fikey frinkles have stumped me too.

    Yeah I need a new vaccuum too, mine sucks – or doesn’t suck rather.