Chalk Board Blocks

chalk board blocks
I need to clean off and repaint our black board and I’ve had the pot of paint sitting around for ages, but that is a big outside job, and it’s cold. Then I happened to come across this post from Preschool Daze and I was inspired.

chalk board blocks

I grabbed the little pot of chalk board paint and headed out the back. I cut up a bit of building pine (which may or may not have been destined to be part of our kitchen walls… oh well) into random block-ish sizes, gave them a quick sand and sat down to paint.

Then I had a brain wave!

chalk board block people

A long, long time ago I had cut out some very simple people shaped blocks. Recently, my Dad up wood turning and made us a beautiful turned wood family, so my daggy old people blocks had been sitting at the bottom of the box of blocks, un-loved. I painted them too.

A day or two later, the paint was dry and the boys helped me carry the chalk board blocks inside. We dug out the chalk and they set to work customising their blocks.

chalk board block people

Morgan loved drawing his own buildings, and being able to make the people happy or sad or angry! And Noah loved the fact that he could scribble to his hearts content, then rub it out and start again!

chalk board block people

Now I am wondering what else I can paint…

chalk board blocks

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    • Lynn says

      This is GREAT….I am so glad I stumbled upon your ‘brain wave’. I have the blocks from raising my kids and had picked up chalkboard paint several months ago (I knew I would put it to good use). I can already tell you my Grandkids are going to love these. Can’t wait!

  1. Savi says

    What about a dedicated noughts and crosses board, or boxes (the game with the dots where you make 1 line each turn and try to make boxes). Using permanent paint fro the game markings, and chalk for the game itself means that you don’t always have to keep redrawing the game out

  2. says

    Ooh I really adore this idea Kate, how cool!! You clever thing you. Will definitely have to try this.
    (PS hope these cool blocks don’t mean you have one part of your kitchen wall missing though!!!!)

  3. Patty mcnichol says

    Cute idea I will have to find some one with tools to cut these out for me

  4. Lynne @ Mumma Funk says

    Great idea! Simple yet effective. Will definitely keep that in mind for a fun crafty afternoon activity. Thanks for sharing. Very cool!