Printable Playdough Garden

printable playdough garden
Right before Easter, in a last minute rush, I made some printable bunny cupcake toppers. A day or so later I spied those very same little bunnies hopping through a field of playdough on Nurture Store’s facebook page! What a cool way to use those bunnies!

Thanks to Cathy’s clever inspiration, a little light bulb went on in my head and I started to wonder, what else could we make and print as play dough accessories?

I asked my kids and had a look through some of my digital drawings and we decided our first set of playdough accessories would be a flower garden!

I got busy creating flowers and bugs and butterflies to print. The big kids helped cut them out and then we ran them through the laminater and cut them out again.

Then we made some playdough – grass green and dirt brown, of course! We used my favourite microwave playdough recipe, which meant we had cooked both batches of playdough in about ten minutes.

printable playdough garden

Then all there was left to do was make playdough gardens!

printable playdough garden

Of course we are sharing our printable playdough garden accessories with you all as well.

printable playdough garden

The pdf file contains two sheets to print – the first sheet has flowers, bugs and butterflies, the second has the separate parts of the flowers so you can create your own. You can download the printable playdough garden accessories here or click on the image above.

printable playdough garden

I’d love to see how your kids use these playdough accessories, feel free to share a photo on my facebook page!

What printable playdough accessories should be make next? My kids are talking monsters, but I am thinking about animals, or maybe more garden items?

If your kids love play dough as much as mine, then check out the Homemade Play Dough Recipe book (affiliate link – I get a percentage of sales if you buy via this link). It’s full of fabulous, doable, home made play dough recipes and ideas.

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Read the comments or scroll down to add your own:

  1. Lyndal says

    I love your printables, what programs do you use to create them? My son’s into planets and space at the moment and I’m planning on making him some black play dough with glitter in the next few days – space printables would be awesome.

  2. says

    Oh this is a fantastic idea that I will have to try! I instantly thought it would be great to make a prehistoric swamp complete with dinosaurs. Aliens would be fun too.

  3. says

    Oh wow, you dont know how perfect these will be for my Prep class. We are studying minibeasts next term and they will love using these with playdough in our play based curriculum!! Thankyou thankyou thankyou!!!

  4. says

    These were just too gorgeous for me not to feature them. Thanks so much for sharing them with everyone and for linking up to Tuesday Tots. :)

  5. Stephanie says

    These are adorable! I will have to use your beautiful flowers as inspiration to make veggie garden for my son…flowers don’t interest him all that much!

  6. Thursday Took says

    Just discovered your wonderful pickle world. Am in love!!
    Am also thinking pink play dough with silver / pink glitter through it and princess, unicorn, carriage printables……
    You rock!!
    Thanks so much for the fabulous freebies – your generosity is sooooooo appreciated!

  7. Mad says

    Hi, I’m going to use this idea in an arts and crafts class I do. Thank you! Just wondering what you put the playdough garden on? (for the kids to take it home). An old lid or tupperware or something? Thank you!

    • katef says

      We just play with out play dough, not to create somthing to keep, but just to enjoy the process. Then we pack it all up so we can bring it all out again another day.
      But if you wanted to keep your creation I think a tin lid or plastic lid would be a great way to do it, or even a piece of sturdy cardboard.

  8. Susie says

    Where have you been all of my life? I needed you to defend my madness! I was the teacher who did not mind “messes”. I felt it was all part of the process. While other teachers cooked their playdough on the stove at home and brought it in the next day, I brought in an old coffee maker for hot water (plugged into an outlet in a storage closet with the closet door shut) and made the playdough right in the room with the class. I used unsweetened Kool Ade to color and scent the playdough. It went in as white powder and then…Magic…the color appeared! We used peg people, toy animals, toy cars and such IN the playdough. I know! I was a rebel! Simply Bonkers! My motto…a little soap and water and it cleans up like new. Clean up might take a bit longer and a bit of patience, but the class enjoyed the clean up as much as the mess up. Oh how I wish those teachers could see you now! Thank you for sharing my insanity! Blessings to You and Yours from Susie, Port Huron, Michigan, USA

  9. Olivia Griffin says

    This is a great idea. I’m just starting to experiment with making Playdough. How did you make brown Playdough? Or black Playdough for space?

    • katepickle says

      We sometimes use paint to colour our play dough. You only need a little and it’s easy to mix up whatever colour you want before you add it to your dough. Make sure you use non-toxic paint and even that is probably not the best choice if you have little ones who like to snack on the play dough!


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