Make a Glove Toy – Inspired by Red Ted Art

Make a glove toy! Inspired by RED TED Art with a book review and links to crafts from the book

“Which craft do you think you’d like to make?” I asked my girls as I ran down the list of craft activities from Maggy Woodley’s Red Ted Art book.

I already knew what they would say…

“The one with the owl” my owl-obsessed daughter said excitedly.

As my nine year olds read through what they would need to make the owl and the pussy cat, and checked out the instructions, the toddler wormed his way in front of the computer screen.

“Me too! I want to make a owwwwel too!”

The girls frowned, “No Noah it’s too hard for you.”

Big tears welled up in his blue eyes and he began to wail like a wounded best (he is a master at getting his sisters to do what he wants).

“But Noah it is too hard for you… There are sharp needles… What if we make you one?”

Placated, Noah went off to play and the girls and I set about finding the things we would need to make an owl, a pussy cat, and a monster.

Make a Glove Toy.

Inspired by Maggy’s easy to follow instructions we turned the glove inside out and sewed across the thumb. Then turning the glove the right way in again we filled the hand part with stuffing, leaving the fingers empty so they would flop around a little like hair. Then we simply glued on some googly eyes and a pipe cleaner for a mouth. Done!

This was a quick and easy craft project and perfect for beginner sewers. The girls made their little brother happy and then moved on to their own creations.

Make a glove toy! Inspired by RED TED Art with a book review and links to crafts from the book

You can find the full printable instructions to make Maggy’s owl and pussy cat over on Triple T Mum and you follow these same instructions to make all kinds of glove toys. You can also find even more simple craft ideas in Maggy’s book – Red Ted Art.

Get The Book!

Make a glove toy! Inspired by RED TED Art with a book review and links to crafts from the book

Red Ted Art – Cute and Easy Crafts for Kids is available to order through Fishpond (with free postage) and you can also purchase it at all good independent bookstores in Australia and overseas.

See more from this great craft book by following the Aussie Blog tour!

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