20 Perfect Peg Dolls!

20 Perfect Peg Dolls - for all kind of pretend play!

I’m having a little love affaird with peg dolls at the moment. We have a plain wooden set and I love the simplicity of them and how they can become any character my kids want them to be. But I’ve also been eyeing of some of the other amazing peg dolls sets over on Etsy, […]

Make A Crown! – Free Printable Crown Template

make a crown

There are a lot of different crowns in our house, but according to Morgan, none of them are ‘Kingly enough’. Our original printable tiara template was not right. Apparently a King’s crown needs a spot for a really big jewel at the top, and it’s more pointy. Armed with these instructions I set to work […]

Rhubarb Fizz

rhubarb fizz - a simple homemade fizzing drink!

Rhubarb is one of the things seems to grow really well at the Pickle Farm with little or no input from us. Even the recent flooding which left the entire veggie garden was under 20 cms of water and killed everything else didn’t deter the rhubarb. We are always on the look out for new […]

Lucky To Be Home

the picklefarm

Sometimes I find myself catching my breath….  When I come over that last hill before the turn off to home and I look up at the mountain and the white fluffy clouds in the sky… When I wake up and hear magpies gurlging and Hamlet the rooster crowing… When I walk down the long dusty […]


Stretched - do you ever feel so stretched thin as a parent that you might disappear?

Sometimes there just doesn’t seem to be enough of me to go around. Right from the day when I saw two blobs on the ultrasound screen and heard those fateful words – “Definitely two babies” – I knew that there would be times when I just couldn’t give both children what they needed right when […]

Make a Tiara!

picklebums tiara template

Of course my girls wanted to decorate crowns.. ahem… I mean, tiaras, at their recent birthday party. I had plans to take the easy way out and buy pre-cut paper crowns… ahem… I mean, tiaras, at the local art shop, but they were all out and so was every other shop I tried. I checked […]

Are They Identical Twins?

identical twins

I had one of those moments this afternoon. One of those moments that make me want to stab my eyes out with a blunt object…. At the shops with the girls someone asked me ‘The Question’… “Are they twins?” Lets ignore the fact that the girls are now well old enough to be addressed personally […]

Fair Does Not Mean Equal.


Zoe met me in the courtyard after school yesterday, bursting with news. “I’m reading green dots now Mum!!!” She’d gone up a level in reading and was practically oozing pride and joy at the prospect. Izzy was already close to tears when she told me she was still reading ‘orange dots’. “Miss B said I […]