A Mantra for Parents of Older Kids.

Now that my kids are getting older I need a new mantra to help me get through the rough patches...

When my kids were little I clung to the mantra – ‘this too shall pass’. As I sat between two crying babies wondering if they would ever sleep I replayed the phrase over and over in my head. This too shall pass. This too shall pass. This too shall pass. It was a wish, a […]

Collecting Now.

Collecting Now - it may seem like you are too busy to stop and live in the moment, but it is worth setting aside the shoulds for the now.

I am tired, so tired. I just need to stop for a moment. I just need to lay down for a minute, to take the weight of everything off my tired body and mind. It is just for a little bit. Just a minute or two on the couch while I try to muster the […]

Everybody Likes Different Things…

Everybody Likes Different Things - how a little made up song taught my kids something important.

Everybody likes different things… Everybody likes different things… Everybody likes different things and that’s oooookaaaaay! My kids roll their eyes as soon as I start singing my made-up song. I am sure one day their eye balls will pop right out of their heads and roll across the floor, but not today. Today they just […]

Easy Ways to Connect With Older Kids

Parenting 7-12 year olds - Easy Ways to Connect With Older Kids.

“Research shows that we need at least five positive interactions to each negative interaction to maintain a healthy, happy relationship that can weather the normal conflicts and upsets of daily life.” – Aha Parenting So much of positive guidance and parenting is grounded in having a strong positive connection with our kids, so this simple […]

Just Keep Going

Just keep going... because these days will pass, soon you will be out from under the blanket of overwhelm and you'll be able to see all the goodness around you without even trying.

One foot in front of the other. Just keep going. Just keep trudging on, through the mundane, and the relentless, through the annoying and the horrible… just keep going. Drop your phone in a toilet full of wee? Just keep going. Get crappy news from a friend? Cry and then keep going. Dentist appointments? Just […]

Six Reasons to Take Your Kids Grocery Shopping

Six reasons you should take your kids grocery shopping...

“… And avoid taking your kids to the supermarket, no matter what! … ” My twins were only a few weeks old when I got this gem of parenting advice, and, at the time I thought it was pretty spot on. Even the idea of taking twin babies to the supermarket scared me, I was […]

How to Take a Day Off Parenting… well almost.

Take a day off parenting... well almost! Here are my top tips for going on strike and taking a partial day off!

If you are a stay at home parent you can’t just ‘chuck a sickie’ or take an RDO when you are feeling crappy or overwhelmed. Having an actual day off from parenting usually requires so many hours of preparation and organising that you wonder if it is worth it! It is worth it, if you […]


Does the relentlessness of parenting get you down sometimes? You are not alone.

It was already late when I dragged myself out of bed this morning. I was tired, it was cold, but there was this moment of stillness and quiet before I walked down the hall to get the big kids out of bed. I should have relished that moment more than I did… And then the […]