Stop Dangling Screen Time as a Reward

Stop dangling screen time as a reward... lets teach our kids how to find balance.

“You can have screen time when you have done your chores, played outside for half and hour, and done some reading” I see these types of ‘screen time rules’ pop up a lot, and it seems perfectly reasonable at first glance. We know that too much screen time is not good for our kids. We […]

10 Ways to Cope with Childhood Eczema

10 Ways to cope with childhood eczema. From a mum who is waging war on the itch!

The itching has woken him up in the middle of the night again. I offer him a cool wet towel to put on the worst spots but tonight it seems like his whole body is prickling with unseen pins. He is still scratching even as he drifts off to sleep. He keeps scratching on and […]

Embracing Average.

Reasons why we should be embracing average.

Things are not super fabulous around here right now, but they are not terrible either. They are just average. The weather is cold and wet, but we need the rain to fill our water tanks. There is nothing exciting happening this month, but we love having time to just ‘hang out’ and do ‘stuff’. The […]

What to Do After You Yell at Your Kids

We might be trying not to yell so much, but sometimes we lose it... then what? What do should you do after you've yelled at your kids?

I yell. I try not to. I’m working on not yelling and I think I’m getting better at making different choices but sometimes… Sometimes I yell at my kids. I think I will always struggle with this part of parenting. I am not giving up, but I am accepting that it happens sometimes. So I’ve […]

When Mum is Sick…

When Mum is sick things go a bit pear shaped... but we mums need to give ourselves time to rest occasionally.

When Mum is sick screen time limits are non-existent. When Mum is sick a jar of olives counts as a green vegetable. When Mum is sick clean socks are optional. When Mum is sick a colony of mice could take up residence in the piles of laundry and feed themselves from the crumbs on the […]

Dealing With Sibling Struggles

Dealing with sibling struggles - ideas from a parent who is dealing with it and links to more information.

My four kids generally get along pretty well, most of the time… but sometimes it’s more of a love/hate relationship in our family – one minute they are best buddies, the next they are a screaming, flailing, mess of ‘she said’ and ‘he did’ and ‘I hate you’. Siblings usually spend a lot of time […]

Simple Parenting Tips

Simple tips and ideas for being a better parent.

This week’s simple tips are going to help us with the hardest job we’ve ever had – parenting. Being a parent is the most amazing thing I have ever done, it is magical, wonderful, and it has made me a better person all round. Being a parent also breaks my heart, it makes me question […]

Enjoy Your Distractions

Enjoy your distractions while you still have them!

I was going to write a post about independent play today, or perhaps share my thoughts on helicopter parenting… But the words won’t come out right. My thoughts are all jumbled. I can’t think straight. I am distracted… I am distracted by my big boy cooking himself an omelet. I am distracted by a line […]