Robot Drawing Prompts – Free Printable

Robot Drawing Prompts - free printable

I have learned the hard way, that when a three year old has an obsession with something, it is much easier to go with it, than fight against it! Besides, kid’s learn best when they are doing something they are interested in, so following your child’s lead is one of the best ways for them […]

Crazy Photo Collages

Crazy Photo Collages - create all kinds of crazy creations with this simple collage activity. Free printable to get you started!

“Can I cut this??” My three year old asked me holding up one of the school photos from last year! “No!” I gasped, thankful that he had asked me before he began creating his masterpiece. Sometimes inspiration comes from the strangest things. While I wouldn’t let Noah cut up his sisters school photo and glue […]

You Make My Every Day – free printable card and envelope

You Make My Every Day - free printable card with matching envelope

A few years ago one of my girls was stressing about the school mother’s day stall… What if she couldn’t find anything to buy? What if I hated the gift she got me? What if it wasn’t perfect??? I gave her a hug and told her that I would love whatever she bought, and that […]

Magnet Madness – Three DIY ways to play with magnets

Magnet Madness! - 3 DIY ways to play with a magnet board

“Do you think you could get the front off our old washing machine?” I am pretty sure my husband wasn’t impressed by my question at 3pm on a holiday Monday when he was painting our new laundry. But he was the one who kept the broken washing machine, you know, ‘just in case it might […]

Make an Easy Easter Decoration.

Make an Easy Easter Decoration - free printable egg to colour/paint

Half of the school holidays are already half over, and Easter is only a week away! There were so many things we wanted to do this week, but the constant rain has meant we’ve been stuck inside for most of the time. And when I have four kids, aged 10-3 years, stuck inside for a […]

Road Trip Drawing Prompts – Free Printables.

Road Trip Drawing Prompts - free printables to keep the kids buys in the car

We are taking a bit of a road trip! Yay! When you stuff four kids and two adults into a car for hours on end, you need a few distractions to stop you all losing your minds! We usually pack a few small toys (the dino crayons in the photo above double as toys and […]

Printable Imaginative Play Mats

free printable imaginative play mats

I have long lusted after some of the gorgeous felted play mats like the ones you see on Etsy or in Steiner/Waldorf shops. But felting is not my thing so I’ve just admired from afar, until I got the crazy idea to make a printable one! I started with two very simple scenes – sea, […]

People Play Dough Mats – Free Printable!

People Play Dough Mats - Free Printable !

Inspired by Creative Play Central’s cool play dough pictures and a fashion model colouring/drawing book my girls got for Christmas, I decided to make some very simple play dough mats this afternoon. I thought Noah might have fun making faces and people, but I had no idea how much fun the rest of us would […]