Simple Cleaning Tips

Simple tips and tricks for staying on top of cleaning - part of our 'Keep It Simple' series.

The second job we are going to tackle in our ‘keep it simple’ series is the one that feels so constant, the one that never ever feel like I get on top of, it’s cleaning! Phyllis Diller said; “Cleaning your house while your kids are still growing is like shoveling the sidewalk before it stops […]

Fun Free Printable Writing Prompts for Kids

Totally un-boring, seriously cool, free printable writing prompts for kids! Get your kids writing!

I have a seven year old who loves to read. He also love to draw. He reads and draws, and draws and reads, constantly. He also loves making up stories and creating imaginary animals and he has all kinds of crazy cool ideas… but he doesn’t like to write. “It’s boring.” “It’s too hard.” “It’s […]

Make a Paper Doll’s House – Free Printable

Fold a paper house from one sheet of paper with this free printable template and some easy instructions

There is nothing we like more than turning a fun paper project into a fun printable project. My big kids have caught the printable bug off me, so when they learned to fold a cute origami ‘doll’s house’ at school, they came home full of ideas for turning it into a printable. With a few […]

Post Office Play – Free Printable Play Set

Post Office Play - use out free printables to set up your own post office complete with stamps and personal letter boxes!

It’s so much fun to get a real letter in your letter box! My kids got a postcard from a relative the other day and that sparked lots of conversation about letters and how they get from one place to another. We chatted about stamps, and how some letters go by plane, and how our […]

Sea Drawing Prompts

Sea drawing prompts - free printable!

If you follow me on instagram you probably already know that we are having a bit of a holiday in Tasmania! Tasmania is the island at the bottom of Australia and to get there were traveled overnight on a ship! The kids were super excited about this big adventure. None of us have ever been […]

Free Printable Easter Shapes!

Free Printable Easter Shapes - use them to make a garland, gift tags, cupcake toppers and more!

We made some really cute print and fold Eater boxes earlier this week, and we loved the designs so much that we decided we needed to make something else with the bunnies, eggs and flowers, but we couldn’t agree what. So we compromised and made a set of free printable Easter shapes… now you can […]

Print and Fold Easter Gift Boxes

Print and Fold Easter boxes - free printable gift boxes perfect for little Easter gifts.

This year seems to be flying past so fast, I can’t quite wrap my head around it. One minute it is January and long lazy days of summer holidays, the next it is the end of March, and Easter is just around the corner. But with two weeks school holidays, hot cross buns and a […]

Beautiful Bugs Playdough Mats – Free Printable.

Beautiful Bugs! Free printable play dough mats

“Don’t you think we need some new playdough mats?” It seems Noah can only go a month or two before he starts nagging me for a new set of playdough mats. Nothing like having a four year old to make sure you don’t slack off on your blogging duties! We discussed some ideas and options […]