Play Dough Mats

Free printable play dough mats - print all of our play dough mats for loads of play dough fun!

We love play dough. Even my big kids enjoy a bit of dough play, and my four year old just adores it! We’ve tried loads of fun play dough activities and ideas over the years, but some of the most fun we’ve had with play dough is when we get out the play dough mats. […]

Free Printable Weekly Planner

Get organised in 2015 with this free printable weekly planner

I am not, by nature, an organised person, but I am determined to at least not get overwhelmed this year! I’m off to a good start with my ‘brain dump journal’ system – a super simple way to just get all the ‘stuff’ out of my head in a somewhat organised fashion. I’m using my […]

2015 Free Printable Calendar

Get organised in 2015 with this free printable calendar

Happy New Year! Do you make new years resolutions? Do you set year goals? Do you perhaps pick a word to inspire you? I don’t usually do any of those things because I am terrible at sticking to them! But I have set myself a small goal this year – I want to be more […]

Brain Dump Journal and a Free Printable Calendar

Get organised with a Brain Dump Journal - easier than a bullet journal! Plus a free printable A5 2015 Calendar to get you started.

I am a list writer, and a doodler, and a brain dumper. I feel better if I can write a list, even if I don’t actually do anything on the list, I feel better just being able to get it all out of my head and down on paper. So I went and bought myself […]

Christmas Printables!

Find all our free Christmas printables here - from wrapping paper and gift tags to fun activities!

Over the years I have created and shared lots of free Christmas printables, and I mean lots! There is wrapping paper, gift tags, fun activities, and more. My kids and I love coming up with colour schemes and ideas and working them into printables. I hope you enjoy our Christmas printables too! To help you […]

Free Printable Christmas Gift Wrap

Free Printable Christmas Gift Wrap!

Are you ‘have everything done and under the tree a week early’ kind of wrapper? Or a last minute kind of wrapper? I’m a last minute kind of wrapper. I’m an ‘up at 2am on Christmas morning, where is that damn sticky tape, I just want to go to sleep’ kind of wrapper. Every year […]

Free Printable Christmas Decorations: Dove and Tree

Free printable Christmas decorations - make Christmas crafting easy!

It’s not that our Christmas tree needs any more decorations, in fact it is so laden there is barely a spare branch left to hang anything on! It is more that sometimes we just need to make something, and Saturday was one of those days. So my big girls helped me design and make these […]

Free Printable Christmas Treat Toppers.

Free Printable Christmas Treat Toppers - the perfect size to staple to the top of a little candy cane or treat!

I am not sure how I feel about the tradition of kids giving each other cards and treats at Christmas. The fact that my kids are coming home with chocolates and candy canes and a zillion cards each day is sweet, but seems a little overwhelming sometimes. But it is the end of the school […]