Happy Making

Happy Making - sometimes I have to look a little harder but I can always find things that are making me happy.

Some weeks seem to drag on forever, especially the difficult ones. This week has been like that. But among the sick kids, and the lack of sleep, and the changed plans there are still things that make me happy. Some days I have to look a little harder for them, but they are still there… […]

I’m Not Like Her

I'm not like her... a little bit about how I deal with the 'mummy wars'

When I first became a Mum I was a little surprised about how divisive the whole parenting gig could be, but I soon found myself falling into step with the gig and contributing to the ‘Mummy Wars’ in my own small way. I tried not to be outwardly rude or mean, but inside I was […]

Little Things…

It's the little things that are really big things.

It’s the little things that make me smile. Things like crappy photos that capture a moment. Things like folding the laundry and having no unmatched socks at the end. Things like watching my big boy master his fears and swim with his face in the water. Things like digging in the garden till my back […]

Someone Else?

Do you often think you should be someone you are not?

Why do I always think I should be someone I am not? Do you do that too? Do you often find yourself thinking that you should do something that is really not you, and then wonder if it should be you and whether you should change?


When do I stop calling him a toddler?

How much longer can I call him a toddler? He still has cute little toddler speech, but he’s drawing the cutest people ever. He still has mega meltdowns, but he’s beginning to yell understandable words at us in between the screaming and sobbing. He sleeps in his own big bed, but he still appears in […]

Just Keep Swimming…

just keep swimming....

Just keep swimming… just keep swimming… do not drown… no time for dog paddle… just keep swimming. How do you cope when things start to get on top of you?

Nothing New For Me

Have you ever done a buy nothing new challenge?

image credit : Steve Snodgrass I’m on a ‘buy nothing new for me’ kick at the moment. I’m sure you’ve heard of the idea – you buy nothing new for a set time frame and just make do with what you have. There are various blogs and sites that list rules and encourage participants. It’s […]

I’ll Be Happier When…

I'll be happier when... Do you fall into the trap of wishing your days away?

Not wanting to wish my days away seems to be a recurring theme around here, but it is something I find myself doing quite a bit. It can be a short term affliction like the one that happens at around this time each year when I begin lusting after long summer days and wishing winter […]