Christmas Drawing and Listening Game

Christmas Drawing and Listening Game - with a free printable Christmas tree drawing prompt

This week’s Christmas sensory play ideas are all about sound! As far as I am concerned the best thing about Christmas is the music! Corny songs, everyone singing along, there is nothing better than that! My kids, on the other hand, are not quite as into daggy Christmas music as I am, but they LOVED […]

Map Drawing Prompt: Free Printable.

Mapmaker Drawing Prompt - make your own maps with this free printable drawing prompt

Recently a fellow blogger and author, Allison Tait, sent me a copy of her new book – The Mapmaker Chronicles, Race to the End of The World. My kids couldn’t agree on who should get to read it first, so I settled the argument by reading it aloud to them all, one chapter a night. […]

Free Printable Monster Drawing Prompts!

Free printable monster drawing prompts!

Halloween is not traditionally celebrated here in Australia, but over the last few years it has become more and more popular. The shops are filling up with costumes, and decorations, and Halloween lollies (candy), and my four year old has begun to notice and ask questions. A few years ago Noah was scared of anything […]

Gardening and Growing Play Dough Mats – Free Printable!

Free Printable Garden and Growing Play Dough Mats!

I would have liked to get out into the garden today… but it has been rainy and cold here, and the veggie garden is a muddy mess. So we made play dough gardens instead, and I made some fun gardening and growing play dough mats. With a few lumps of play dough and some accessories […]

Free Printable Kids Letter Writing Set

Free Printable Kids Letter Writing Set

My big boy is a fabulous reader, but when it comes to writing, well, let’s just say it is not really his thing. But he’d really like to get better at writing, so we are trying to practice at home and make it fun. One way to make writing fun is to write letters to […]

Fun Food Play Dough Mats

Fun Food! Free Printable Play Dough Mats (They make great place mats too!)

It’s funny how things happen. It started when we resurfaced our old dining table and I decided we needed place mats to protect the table a little, and that lead to me making some simple laminated place mats to help my big kids remember how to set the table. But as soon as Noah saw […]

More Printable Imaginative Play Mats!

Free Printable Imaginative Play Mats - Frozen Land and Space Land!

We’ve had so much fun playing with the first two printable imaginative play mats that I created, and so many of you have told me all the fun ways you have used them and given me some great ideas for some new play mats, so here you go – here are two new printable imaginative […]

30+ Boredom Busters for the Holidays.

30+ Boredom Buster Ideas for the Holidasy - plus a free printable boredom buster list and a weekly planner

Last school holidays I ended up writing a list of jobs my kids cold do and allocating them every time the ‘I’m bored’s got too many and began to drive me insane. It worked quite well, but when I saw Childhood 101′s parent smarter post about being prepared I knew that taking it a step […]