You Gotta Laugh….

"You gotta laugh or you'll cry" - this is my parenting motto, what's yours?

You gotta laugh or you’ll cry. This is my parenting motto. It goes hand in hand with ‘assign positive intent‘, and ‘it’s never all bad‘. Along with those phrases it repeats in my head often. Small child draws a really fabulous, artistic picture… on the freshly painted wall. You gotta laugh… Children scream from the […]

Find The Good

It's never all bad - find the good. A promise I make to myself and my children

It’s everywhere – grateful projects, being thankful, counting your blessings – the idea that finding things to be thankful for makes us happier. It seems so simple, yet it feels so true. Find the good, and you will be happier. Even when things seem bad, find the good. Because it’s never all bad. Never. Even […]

Just a Bad Day

We all have bad days, that doesn't make us bad parents.

I see his face begin to cave in before I have even finished the sentence. As he dissolves into tears I crumple inside, but I try not to show it. It wasn’t that big a deal. I just told him off for not thinking, for being too wild, for running in the house when I […]

It’s Not Personal.

Can I let you in on a little secret about parenting that I figured out recently - it's not personal.

Can I let you in on a little secret about parenting that I figured out recently… It’s not personal. The preschooler is not lying on the floor of the supermarket screaming just to see if he can drive me insane. The school boy didn’t decide to punch his brother in front of the whole school […]

A Little Hope for a Struggling Mum

Hope for a struggling Mum - Have your kids ever had an epic public meltdown? Did anyone offer you hope?

We went to Healesville Sanctuary during the holidays, it’s a fabulous zoo which just has Australian animals. We haven’t been for a while, in fact Noah has never been, and the last time we were there Morgan was so little he can’t remember it. There is a reason for that. The last trip I took […]

Finding Little Moments to Breathe – Micro Me Time for Parents.

Micro Me Time for Parents - the importance of grabbing little breaks when you can.

I was beginning to notice the undercurrent of crankiness. Every little thing they did was driving me nuts. I was slamming and clanking my way through dinner prep, with that twitchy, hemmed in feeling that happens when I haven’t had any time to myself in a while. I practically ran from the kitchen as I […]

25 Alternatives to “Good Job”

25 Alternatives to 'Good Job' - breaking the habit of hollow praise with a free prntable list of alternatives

Last week I shared some thoughts on praise and manipulation. In that post I shared some brutal truths about how I parent, and some ideas about how I would like to parent. I shared my goal to break the habit of hollow, unthinking praise, and the habit of manipulative praise, and turn it into something […]

Praise, Manipulation and Being a Better Parent.

Praise, Manipulation and Being a Better Parent

Praise is a dirty word in some parenting and education circles. I understand why, and agree that hollow praise like ‘good girl’ or ‘good job’ means nothing and can interfere with a child’s intrinsic motivation if they are always waiting for some meaningless bit of praise to reinforce everything they do. But there is more […]