Ten Things I Wish I Knew When my Kids Were Small.

These are things I wish I knew when my kids were small, most of them are unimportant but a couple of them are pure gold!

I was talking with a friend the other day who’s first baby is almost one. She was exhausted and overwhelmed, and wondering why anyone would be crazy enough have more than one child! I laughed and explained that I had never had only one baby, so I had no idea what I was talking about… […]

Things I Want my Boy to Know.

Ten things I want my boy to know as he grows up.

He is my ‘big boy’. He is my ‘middle child’. He is eight today. Eight. Eight seems so in between… so grown up yet so little. This past year has seen so many things change, and so many things stay the same. I walk on egg shells often, not wanting to break the spell of […]

Ten Kid-Friendly Songs to Get you Grooving!

Ten kid-friendly songs to get you groovey and banish the late afternoon slump!

The big girls are arguing, the boys have decided that throwing their clean socks at each other is a good idea, there are piles of unfolded washing all around the house, I have lost that very important form, and I forgot to defrost dinner. It’s late afternoon and I’m hitting the slump. When the kids […]

Six Things About Parenting That Make Me Laugh.

6 Things About Parenting that Make me Laigh - It can be easy to miss the humour of parenting. Sometimes it gets lots under the piles of laundry, and the notes from school, but you need to dig out from under the hard stuff, but it's worth it.

Parenting is hard. It will stretch you to your limits and then some. It is messy, and exhausting, and heartbreaking. It is also beautiful, and loving, and hard… really really hard. Parenting can make you yell, and scream, and cry, but it can also makes you laugh. Among all the tears and exhaustion, all the […]

Little Things That Make it Worthwhile…

Sometimes it is the little things that make it all worthwhile

The smile on her face when she nails the cartwheel. Spending a Sunday around a backyard campfire. Toasted marshmallows. The deep pink of our home grown rhubarb. The light on at 11pm as he devours the first Harry Potter book. A dinner that everyone eats. Learning his name. Winter sunshine. Talking with friends who share […]

It’s Ok… except when it’s not.

It's ok... except when it's not. Mothering through hard moments.

“It’s ok…” I want to say it so badly. It is right there on the tip of my tongue… “It’s ok…” It’s the first thing that seems to slip out of my mouth every time we face one of these moments. It’s a habit, but it’s a bad one. I choke it back and try […]

Just for a day, put your kids first.

Lets do an experiment - Just for a day, put your kids before everything else.

Lets do an experiment. Just for a day, put your kids before everything else. Chose your kids before a clean house, before deadlines, before phone calls. Choose them. Put them first Say yes. Be there. I don’t mean that you should spend every second focused on your kids, or that you should plan lavish events, […]