It’s ok to make different choices.

Home school? Regular school? It's ok to make different choices - we can still be friends.

I have a friend. This friend has three awesome kids. These three awesome kids are homeschooled. I have four awesome kids. My awesome kids are not homeschooled. My four awesome kids go (or will go, in the case of the little one) to our local primary school. My kids go to school, her kids do […]

How Being Not Quite Perfect Makes you A Good Parent

How being not quite perfect makes you a good parent.

In a perfect world my house would be neat and clean, no one would leave shoes in the middle of the hall or wet towels on the couch. My children’s rooms would be tidy at all times and if House and Garden magazine knocked on my door asking to feature our home in an article […]

Feeling Lucky.

You never know what worse luck your bad luck has saved you from...

We visit our local children’s hospital for appointments every now and then…and every time I am struck by how lucky we are. Each time we go, we stop and look at the fish in the giant tank in the foyer. We indulge in an awesome hot chocolate, with extra marshmallows, no matter what the weather. […]

You Gotta Laugh….

"You gotta laugh or you'll cry" - this is my parenting motto, what's yours?

You gotta laugh or you’ll cry. This is my parenting motto. It goes hand in hand with ‘assign positive intent‘, and ‘it’s never all bad‘. Along with those phrases it repeats in my head often. Small child draws a really fabulous, artistic picture… on the freshly painted wall. You gotta laugh… Children scream from the […]

Find The Good

It's never all bad - find the good. A promise I make to myself and my children

It’s everywhere – grateful projects, being thankful, counting your blessings – the idea that finding things to be thankful for makes us happier. It seems so simple, yet it feels so true. Find the good, and you will be happier. Even when things seem bad, find the good. Because it’s never all bad. Never. Even […]

Just a Bad Day

We all have bad days, that doesn't make us bad parents.

I see his face begin to cave in before I have even finished the sentence. As he dissolves into tears I crumple inside, but I try not to show it. It wasn’t that big a deal. I just told him off for not thinking, for being too wild, for running in the house when I […]

It’s Not Personal.

Can I let you in on a little secret about parenting that I figured out recently - it's not personal.

Can I let you in on a little secret about parenting that I figured out recently… It’s not personal. The preschooler is not lying on the floor of the supermarket screaming just to see if he can drive me insane. The school boy didn’t decide to punch his brother in front of the whole school […]