Does the relentlessness of parenting get you down sometimes? You are not alone.

It was already late when I dragged myself out of bed this morning. I was tired, it was cold, but there was this moment of stillness and quiet before I walked down the hall to get the big kids out of bed. I should have relished that moment more than I did… And then the […]

How to Make Bedtime Easier for Everyone

Ten ways to make bedtime easier for everyone...

Our kids are aged 11, 11, 7 and 4. They all share bedrooms -the girls together and the boys together. My husband works shifts, so often I am negotiating the dinner, bath and bedtime routine on my own. Often I am trying to clean up from dinner, listen to readers, brush teeth, read bedtime stories, […]

Helping Kids Learn Compassion.

Helping kids learn compassion

“He’s always getting in trouble! He does stupid things and makes our teacher cranky, then the rest of us get into trouble when it isn’t out fault! It’s not fair.” It’s easy to regard others by the label they have already been given. The ‘trouble maker’ who had always struggled to tow the line at […]

Eight Ways Kids say ‘Mum’ and What they Really Mean.

8 Ways kids say 'Mum' (or 'Mom') and what they really mean!

One simple word – ‘mum’ (Or ‘mom’ if you live on the other side of the world) I am constantly amazed by how my children can take that one word and say it in so many different ways, giving it so many different meanings. I am even more amazed that I can decipher exactly what […]

Be Thankful.

Parenting Secret #19 - Be thankful... it can have a big impact on parenting.

“What are the magic words?” My twins were three when a family member asked them this question, trying to encourage them to say thank you. They both stopped and thought for a moment, and then replied… “Abracadabra!” I am not one to force or coerce my kids into saying please and thank you, which is […]

An Apology to my Children.

An Apology to my Children...

I’m sorry. I’m sorry for all the times I have not said something I should have. For when I have not said how proud I am, how happy I am, how awesome you are, or how sad I am. I’m sorry for all the times I have said too much. For when I have babbled […]

It’s Not Your Job To Make Your Kids Happy

Parenting Secret #15 - It's not your job to make your kids happy all the time

What is the one thing you wish for your children? If someone asked this question, I’m guessing many of us would say that above all else, we want our kids to be happy. It seems like such a simple thing, but happiness is a BIG call. To be mostly happy is a great goal. To […]

Breaking the Rules

Breaking the rules...

It’s 10:46 pm and my middle child and I are passing notes to each other. I feel like I am being bad, like I am breaking the rules of parenting… He casually walks into the study where I am working on the computer, pretends I am not here, and leaves a note on my keyboard. […]