Forgiving Our Parenting Mistakes

Forgiving Our Parenting Mistakes - forgiving does not mean you have to like what happened, but I challenge you to let it go.

I used to think that to forgive meant that things that had happened in the past, sad, difficult, angry things, had to somehow magically become ok. I used to think that I had to find some magical way to be happy with those things, those issues or circumstances before I could forgive them. Now I’ve […]

How I Know I’m Doing Ok as A Parent…

What if we stopped defining out parenting by the hard moments, and started noticing all the little things that show us we are doing ok...

It’s easy to let the ‘should haves’ and the guilt overwhelm you. It’s easy to the let the things that go wrong seem so much bigger and more important than the things that go right. It’s easy to let all the times you’ve been grumpy, or busy, or stressed, or anything but perfect, define you […]

Change Your Tone – Moving from Negative to Positive Language

Change Your Tone - moving from negative to positive speech with our kids is a positive parenting tool that can have great effect s

Saying ‘no’ to our kids is not the end of the world, in fact, sometimes it is just what your child needs to hear. A firm ‘no’ can have a precise impact at times when you really need it to, but if you are trying to get your child to listen to an explanation, or […]

In this moment

In this moment... I might be a bad parent, or I might be the best parent I can be for my child

I hear his quick little footsteps across the wood floor, then I see his little face pop around the edge of the half opened door. “What are you doing here?” I ask him. “I’m not fweepy” he tells me. I frown at him… It’s late, everyone else is in bed, if not asleep, and I […]

It’s ok to make different choices.

Home school? Regular school? It's ok to make different choices - we can still be friends.

I have a friend. This friend has three awesome kids. These three awesome kids are homeschooled. I have four awesome kids. My awesome kids are not homeschooled. My four awesome kids go (or will go, in the case of the little one) to our local primary school. My kids go to school, her kids do […]

How Being Not Quite Perfect Makes you A Good Parent

How being not quite perfect makes you a good parent.

In a perfect world my house would be neat and clean, no one would leave shoes in the middle of the hall or wet towels on the couch. My children’s rooms would be tidy at all times and if House and Garden magazine knocked on my door asking to feature our home in an article […]

Feeling Lucky.

You never know what worse luck your bad luck has saved you from...

We visit our local children’s hospital for appointments every now and then…and every time I am struck by how lucky we are. Each time we go, we stop and look at the fish in the giant tank in the foyer. We indulge in an awesome hot chocolate, with extra marshmallows, no matter what the weather. […]