Spring Gardening ’08

It is not quite spring yet, but look, we have a single jonquil blooming in the garden, so I am declaring it the beginning of early spring at our house! With that in mind I need to get my act together where the garden is concerned. We’ve made really good progress on weeding and re-jigging […]

What Can We Do Today? Go Prehistoric!

dinosaur imaginative play

I need at least ten minutes of peace to get Muski to sleep during the day. That means I need ten minutes where the Twinadoes don’t sound like baby elephants on our wood floors, don’t scream at each other at the top of their lungs and don’t come whining to me for something ever 30 […]

Organise ’08 – Meal times

I read a post over at Embiejo etc (doesn’t that name just roll off your tongue so nicely!) about their ‘dinner woes’. I left a comment with my ‘oh-so-wise-trying-not-to-sound-too-high-and-mighty’ advice to her dilemmas on how to make dinner time better in their house and it’s got me thinking. Thinking about meal times in this house, […]

Wrong Kind of Sick

Of course, my kids are all sick, again. I kind of expect that at this time of the year so it’s not the frequency of illness that I want to whinge about, it’s the kind of illness. Can I just say how much I hate ‘breathing sickness’…. give me a good ‘spewing sickness’ over ‘breathing […]

Blasted Magnetic Sheep!

This makes two Saturdays in a row when I have spent the better part of the morning on my hands and knees crawling through piles of toys and clothes and other ‘stuff’ in search of a magnetic sheep. Way back at the start of the year my girls entered and a won competition for a […]

Flickr Friday – Dance

In celebration of my two dancing princesses – who, by the way, are driving me nuts counting the number of sleeps till they have their next lesson – this week’s Flick Friday theme is DANCE! 1. Tango legs, 2. Japanish, 3. McTaggert, 4. I’m your no-one, 5. This is Passion, 6. joyful dancer, 7. Fan […]

Busy Busy Busy…

I am head down bum up trying to finish up some things before pickleberrypop.com celebrates the sites second birthday! I will have a few sneaky peaks of what is in store for the party in a day or two, but until then check out some of these links to funky and interesting places people and […]