Ten Christmas Decorations to Make.

Have you decorated for the holidays yet?

At The Pickle Farm, we don’t break out the Christmas decorations or put up the Christmas tree till the first weekend in December. So we’ve still got a week or so to figure out how we are going to tackle the problem of Christmas tree Vs climbing chaos-making toddler. Anyone got any ideas?

Since it is pouring with rain here today, it seems like the perfect day get our craft on and make some new Christmas decorations too. Here are ten terrific Christmas decorations to make. Some of them are a little tricky, but most of them are easy enough for small hands to help with.

1. Toilet Roll Stars: We have a huge box of toilet rolls that I was saving to plant seeds in, but sadly our veggie garden is a lot behind schedule this year, so this simple idea from Muffin Tin Mom seems like a great way to use them up.

2. German Paper Star: I didn’t make the one in the photo above, I bought it from Ikea and liked it so much I looked up how to make them. These are tricky even for adults, but once you get the hang of them you can make loads of them for the tree.

3. Stick Stars: I like stars…. and these ones from sticks are simple and effective.

4. Sewn Paper Ornaments: Elsie Marley shares simple patterns to make cute decorations using scraps of paper sewn up the middle. This would be a great project for my beginning sewers.

5. Modern Paper Ornaments: These simple hanging ornaments are easy enough for everyone to help make. You could rule lines on the paper fist for beginning cutters to practice following and then it’s just a matter of arranging them and popping in a staple or two!

6. Circle Streamers: Another sewn paper decoration! Martha calls these New Year’s decorations but I think they’d be just as lovely for Christmas.

7. Pine Cone Ornaments: A family trip to collect pine cones would lots of fun and these ornaments are simple and beautiful.

8. Twiggy Christmas Trees: I love these. A little bit more involved to make since you need a drill, but so cool!

9. Button Trees:
Using pipe cleaners to thread buttons onto makes this a really kid friendly craft.

10. Paper Lantern Ornaments: How About Orange has lots of great Christmas tutorials, and this is one of my favourites.

Are you in the mood to make some decorations?
Got any ideas, crafts or links to share?

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  1. Jane says

    If you have an old play pen they can be handy to put around the base of the christmas tree to deter the toddler! We have also put the tree on a card table in the past. Or one year we had a lovely looking tree that was only decorated from about waist height upwards!

  2. says

    I made some felt christmas tree ornaments (handsewn). And I do an ornament swap with a good friend of mine every year. She makes a handmade ornament for me, and vice versa.

    With my daughter, we love to paint ornaments and make ornaments with pipe cleaners.

    Here are some pipe cleaner ornaments we made last year:


    We’ve already started to decorate for Christmas.. we like to do things early I guess :) It seems like I decorate a bit earlier each year until I get it right because otherwise we don’t get to enjoy them much before it’s time to turn around and take them down. At least a good 5 weeks to enjoy them seems right to us!