2011 Christmas Printable Series – Jar Labels and a Strawberry Jam Recipe.

2011 christmas printables series

Lots of rain + some sunshine = bucket loads of strawberries!

home grown strawberries

Over the past few weeks we have had strawberries coming out of our ears. We have made muffins, and smoothies and cupcakes, and pie and we’ve eaten so many fresh strawberries I am actually kinda over them (I never thought that would happen), but they still keep coming. The only thing left to do is make jam.

Now strawberry jam and I haven’t seen eye to eye in the past. In fact I refuse to have anything to do with the whole process for fear of making another batch of Smoky Mountain Strawberry Jam. Jam making is the domain of The Father Figure, my only contribution is to wash and sort the berries, and eat the finished product.

We use a very simple recipe from A Year in a Bottle by Ally Wise with only a minor change or two…

Strawberry Jam Recipe

1.5kg of washed, hulled strawberries
1.5kg of sugar
1/4 cup water
2 lemons

Scrub the lemons clean then cut them in half and juice them. Add the lemon juice, water and strawberries along with the left over lemon rinds into a big pot. Bring them slowly to the boil, stirring off and on and let it bubble for ten minutes.

As the berry mix cooks warm the sugar in the oven on low, then add the warmed sugar to the pit, return to the boil and stir constantly until the sugar is dissolved.

Cook the jam until setting point… now that is the hard part because we’ve found that strawberry jam doesn’t really set. It will always be runnier than other berry jams, so don’t get caught out and burn it like I did!

Make sure you have enough clean jars and lids. We warm ours gently in the oven while the jam cooks. Allow the jam to sit for ten minutes then pour into the warm jars and seal.

This makes about 6-8 medium sized jars of jam.

Home made strawberry jam is the perfect gift, and to make it even more groovy I’ve designed some free printable jar labels.

free printable christmas jar labels

These labels look great on jars of jam, but you could also fill jars with other goodies like home made fudge or even store bought treats. The labels would even look nice on tins or other containers. Last year we filled empty milo tins with goodies to give as gifts. Or simply use the round labels as gift tags.

The labels come in a coloured version and a black and white version so the kids can colour them in and add a little of their own style.

free printable christmas jar labels

You can download the coloured labels here and the black and white labels here.

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    • katef says

      it’s pure luck that we grow so many strawberries… we planted about 8 plants 4 years ago and now have loads… and with the rain and the sun and no love from us… strawberries! Wish I could send you some!

      • says

        you can also get new lids from greenlivingcomau… I go there in person as it is in Brisbane, but basically they sell new lids for a bunch of sized bottles, so you can re-use your own bottles safely to preserve….

  1. says

    Oh I’m jealous of your buckets of strawberries. We’ve a small strawberry patch, but a certain three year old is the exclusive benefactor.

    I do however have an oversupply of rhubarb. I was planning to make a heap of jam but can’t find any suitable jars (my husband snaffles them all for his chilli sauce). Are yours recycled, or do you buy them from somewhere?

    • katef says

      We use recycled jars.

      I know some people say that recycled jars don’t seal well or keep sterile, but we only make small batches of jam and it doesn’t last more than a month or two so we are not too worried about that. Plus warm/hot jam into warm/hot jars and seal, the button bit on the lids always suck in and stop popping so it seems to make a pretty tight seal.

      You just have to be careful what was in the jars before hand… we’ve found some things leave a lasting residue and/or smell that you just can’t rid of no matter how much you wash them.

      • says

        you can also get new lids from greenlivingcomau… I go there in person as it is in Brisbane, but basically they sell new lids for a bunch of sized bottles, so you can re-use your own bottles safely to preserve….

        (oops replied to the wrong thread before… sorry!)

  2. says

    oh yum. we’ve put in new strawberry plants this year & Miss K eats them as soon as they are red.
    was hoping to make jam myself for christmas but no where near has jam strawberries for sale (& if they do they r super expensive!)

  3. Marieke says

    These are gorgeous as always Kate, thank you :D
    I plan to laminate them and use them as ehm… the thingy you put your glass on ;)

    And wow, strawberry’s in november, awesome!

    xoxo Marieke

  4. says

    OOoh, love these – thank you! It’s not strawberry season here but my girls have home made treats planned for their teachers ans these will be perfect!