2012 Christmas Printables – Printable Reindeer Antlers!

Nanny Pickle (my Mum) is a little nuts about reindeer.

If you went to her house around about now you’d find it full of reindeer of all kinds… dainty glass reindeer, knitted reindeer, light up reindeer, singing and dancing reindeer.. all kinds of beautiful and crazy reindeer!

So today’s Christmas Printable is dedicated to my crazy reindeer loving Mum… and my kids kinda like it too!

printable reindeer antlers

Yep… print your own reindeer antlers!

As will all of my printable crowns and tiaras, these antlers fit on an A4 (letter sized) piece of paper. No need for buying big long sheets of paper, or sticking bits together.

Just download the pdf and print it out on some card or even photo paper. Cut out the head piece with the ears and the antlers, then just glue or tape your antlers onto the head piece. Punch holes in the ends of the head piece and attach some elastic or string and you’re done! If your antlers aren’t staying up as you’d like them attach a strip of thicker cardboard to the back to help keep them straight.

reindeer antlers

Of course we added a little red nose too… but Noah wasn’t impressed with the idea of a red nose!

You can download the printable reindeer antlers here.

There will be more free Christmas printables in the lead up to Christmas. Check out my print and fold pillow boxes we shared on Saturday, and you can find all of last years Christmas printables here.

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