Make an Egg Carton Mask

Make a super easy egg carton mask

We saw a photo of this super easy egg carton mask in an old book at the library (I wish I had written down the name!) a while ago and we have been dying to make them every since. We had a go on the weekend and they were so much fun to make an wear that we had to share them with you!

All you need is an egg carton, scissors, some paint or markers (we used fluro water colour blocks given to us by Micador), some string and tape or stapes.

The cutting of the masks is a little bit fiddly and needs to be done by an adult with a sharp pair of scissors.

Make a super easy egg carton mask

To begin with, cut off a section of egg carton that contains two egg complete holes, and two half egg holes so that you get a complete spike between the two sets of holes.

Make a super easy egg carton mask

Then trim the edges of the section of egg carton until you have two complete egg holes and the spike. Now you can see the mask taking shape with two eyes and a nose!

Make a super easy egg carton mask

Next comes the really fiddly part – make a hole and carefully cut out the centre of each egg hole to make eye holes.

Make a super easy egg carton mask

You can be as creative as you like cutting eye-brow and ear shapes into the sides of the pieces of egg cartons.

Make a super easy egg carton mask

Now it is time to decorate!

Make a super easy egg carton mask

We painted ours inside and out but you could use markers or even collage. Adding frilly paper eyebrows would be fun!

Make a super easy egg carton mask

Once the paint is dry simple tape or staple a length of string to each side, tie them on and you are ready to go!

Make a super easy egg carton mask

Is it just me or do these masks make us look a little creepy?? Cool… but creepy!

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Read the comments or scroll down to add your own:

    • katepickle says

      I keep thinking how cool they would be as bird masks with feathers! The teacher in me is seeing a bird dance or song for an end of year concert! LOL

      • Memery says

        Thank you so much, I just got what I need for my year-end concert, my class will perform an item “bird expressions” and this will be perfect for the masks I have been looking for!

    • katepickle says

      ooh they would make great owl masks! I bet if my girls had been home that is what they would have made as they are nuts about owls!

    • katepickle says

      We don’t buy eggs (we have 14 laying hens) so I had to go ask a friend if she had any egg cartons so we could make these! LOL

  1. says

    bahaha, too funny. Yes, a little creepy but still cute and hilarious all in one. We’ve made these as bird masks with lots of coloured feathers before with the preps and I think the feathers take the attention away from the beady little eye holes, lol. Those tempera paints turned out awesomely! Really bright and vibrant at the end even on brownish cardboard.

  2. says

    The creepiness is because it makes all your eyes look closer together than what they actually are. But creepy is good! Especially when it’s combined with cute! It’s fun to dress up a bit cute & creepy sometimes. :)

  3. says

    I love this idea and that is uses egg cartons, which most people have at home. You made me laugh when you said they were a little creepy. I guess it suits a Halloween theme. LOL

  4. says

    Love these and are doing them tomorrow with my daycare kids! Those pics with your little man and all his concentration are just gorgeous! Have to say though that you really make the mask in your photo…thanks for sharing Kate x

  5. Mojca says

    Sorry again, which sort of colours did you use please? I see its water paints but is that some fluorescent version?

  6. Mojca says

    I waited for few weeks, maybe a month, to have the same watercolours delivered from Australia to Germany. And it work. And we did the masks. And it was lovely! Thank you!! <3


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